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Introducing the Atrix Omega SafeTech HEPA Backpack Vacuum: Revolutionizing Hazardous Cleaning

Atrix is proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the Omega SafeTech HEPA Backpack Vacuum (SKU: VACOSTBV). This cutting-edge vacuum is purposefully designed to tackle dry hazardous particulate cleaning with unparalleled efficiency and safety. Quiet Operation, Versatile Integration: Operating at a mere 69 decibels, the Omega SafeTech seamlessly integrates into various applications without […]

Atrix Introduces Two NEW Vacuums Exclusively Designed for the Pest Control Industry and Applications

Burnsville, MN, February 26, 2019—Atrix International, Inc., a premier vacuum manufacturing company, announces the introduction of two NEW vacuums exclusively designed for the pest control industry and applications. Our new models include the ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum/Blower (PMPBP) and our Omega Cordless Immediate Containment PMP Vacuum (PMP22VDC)­­. ­­­­­­­We’ve redesigned our Backpack Vacuum to meet the […]

NEW Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum

Burnsville, MN, February 5, 2019—Atrix International, Inc., a premier vacuum manufacturing company, introduces the NEW Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum. The Omega Cordless Immediate Containment ULPA (Ultra Low Penetrating Air) Vacuum VACO22VDC, is an excellent immediate containment option for all your applications, where electricity is a problem or is non-existent (such as crawl spaces), or […]

Atrix Vacuums Can Be Used for What?

Since 1981 Atrix has been manufacturing a wide variety of vacuums targeting several different niche markets. Recently, a prominent East Coast University reached out to us to give us some encouraging feedback on how they use Atrix vacuums. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our Omega vacuum has been the ideal product for […]

HEPA Filtration Systems

Welcome to the 21st century: the generation of iPhones, Segways, and HEPA filtration systems. Okay okay, the last one might be a little bit of a stretch, but in today’s time more and more quality vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters. As HEPA filtration systems are gaining popularity, it is important for a consumer to […]

Not All Vacuum Cleaners are Created Equal

Keeping electronic equipment and production equipment clean is very important to its longevity and lifespan. Computers, Copiers, Printers, Data-+centers, Gaming Machines, Medical Equipment such as MRI, CAT Scan and X-ray, Pick n Place SMT Machines, Banking Machines, Robotics, Dispensing Equipment, and many others are all susceptible to dust, dirt and debris, affecting performance and uptime. […]