Atrix Introduces Two NEW Vacuums Exclusively Designed for the Pest Control Industry and Applications

Burnsville, MN, February 26, 2019—Atrix International, Inc., a premier vacuum manufacturing company, announces the introduction of two NEW vacuums exclusively designed for the pest control industry and applications. Our new models include the ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum/Blower (PMPBP) and our Omega Cordless Immediate Containment PMP Vacuum (PMP22VDC)­­.

­­­­­­­We’ve redesigned our Backpack Vacuum to meet the exact needs of the pest control industry!

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The NEW Atrix ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum/Blower (PMPBP) is an excellent and economical option for pest control, janitorial, offices, and warehouse applications. After input and feedback from Pest Management Professionals throughout the country, Atrix has exclusively reconfigured the backpack vacuum for pest control applications.

The ERGO PMP Backpack is lightweight, safe and low profile making it comfortable for Pest Management Professionals to wear for a long duration of time. It is powerful with its 1,400 watt cleaning power which produces 106 CFM. The vacuum provides four levels of filtration which consists of an eight quart HEPA bag, cloth shake out bag, HEPA premotor filter, and an exhaust filter.  The ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum can be adjusted to left or right hand operation and easily converts to a blower providing an extra cleaning dimension. The vacuum can capture everything from bed bugs to dirt and debris, and includes hose and filter plugs so nothing is falling out or crawling out during transport and storage.

The PMPBP ERGO PMP Backpack Vacuum/Blower will retail at $199.00 and can be viewed at:

If you have a hazardous particulate application or an environment that requires a cordless solution, our PMP22VDC is the perfect option for you!

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The Omega Cordless Immediate Containment PMP Vacuum (PMP22VDC), is an excellent immediate containment option for your pest control applications. This cordless HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum offers self-storage and contained accessories, built-in full filter indicator light, brushless digital motor, 30+ minute run time and 1 hour rechargeable battery. It is a powerful vacuum with its 190-watt cleaning power but quiet at only 67 decibels. The cordless tool box structure makes this vacuum convenient for applications where corded versions are inconvenient, cumbersome, a safety hazard, or simply not an option.

The one gallon immediate containment HEPA filter, manufactured with Pentair® brand media is 99.97% efficient at .3 micron and includes three layers of 56 pleat media. The three layers consist of one cellulose layer and two glass layers. The HEPA filter captures everything from bed bugs, cockroaches, rodent droppings, dry chemical, and hazardous chemical which are contained immediately within the filter cartridge, and then disposed of without risk of exposure to the remnants. There are no bags that may accidentally rip or tear. Filter changes are safe, clean and completed in seconds. This vacuum includes hose and filter plugs so no pests are falling out or crawling out to ensure safety when transporting or storing.

The PMP22VDC Omega Cordless Immediate Containment PMP Vacuum will retail at $599.00 and can be viewed at:

Atrix has your solution for pest control vacuums! Atrix vacuums and filters are available at and via a network of authorized distributors.