Dust Vacuums, Mold Vacuums and More by Atrix

Atrix hazardous particulate HEPA certified vacuums are unique in that the filters are completely sealed within a plastic housing to provide TRUE HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and TRUE ULPA (Ultra Low Penetrating Air) filtration. There are no messy secondary or tertiary filters to change or replace, which can expose the operator to hazardous particles.

Product Specifications

  • ESD Safe
  • Immediate Containment
  • Cleanroom
  • Ultrafine Filtration
  • HEPA Filtration
  • ULPA Filtration
  • 400Hz Power
  • Pest Control
ESD Safe
ESD safe (electrostatic discharge) provides static path to ground and is used in static sensitive environments.
Immediate Containment
All particulate is contained within pleated media made from Pentair and sealed with plastic housing and filter plug. Ideal for easy changeouts and eliminates risk of exposure to hazardous materials.
Ideal for cleanroom applications, including Class 100 Cleanroom (ISO 5) or Class 100,000 (ISO 8), designed to meet cleanroom standard.
Ultrafine Filtration
Ultrafine Filtration is 88% Efficient at .3 microns or larger. It can handle even the finest color toner, magenta.
HEPA Filtration
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is 99.97% Efficient at .3 microns or larger.
ULPA Filtration
ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) is 99.999% Efficient at .12 microns or larger.
400Hz Power
Avionics/Airplane Servicing where 400 Hertz is required
Pest Control
Atrix manufactures vacuum cleaners for pest control applications.
Atrix Hazardous Particulate Vacuums for Abatement

Atrix HEPA filters (used in HEPA vacuums for mold, etc.), are 99.97% efficient at .3 microns or larger, and Atrix ULPA filters are 99.999% efficient at .12 microns or larger. In addition, these filters carry this efficiency in-situ (in situation), meaning they are calibrated and meet these efficiencies in harmony with the vacuum motor power. These vacuums are ideal for lead dust, wood dust, silica dust, lead paint, mold, rodent feces and other hazardous particles.

Hazardous particulate applications for Atrix vacuums include:

  • Glove bag work, core sampling, mold remediation
  • To clean and remove drywall, sheetrock, acoustic lead tile, lead dust, silica dust, extraction of welding fumes, lead paint, adhesives, wood dust,  or any hazardous material
  • Mold abatement
  • Immediate containment of rodent droppings to prevent spreading of hantavirus (deadly to humans through contact)
Atrix Hazardous Particulate Vacuums for Mold

Immediate Containment HEPA and ULPA Filtration

Atrix’s HEPA and ULPA filters are manufactured in the U.S and have an immediate containment component made with three layers of 56-pleat media (two glass layers and a cellulose layer). All hazardous particles are contained immediately within the filter cartridge, which is then disposed of without risk of exposure to the particles.

Variety of Filtration Sizes to Fit Your Application

Atrix carries filtration cartridges in a wide variety of sizes, with everything from a one-quart filter immediate containment cartridge to a 7-gallon filter immediate containment cartridge. Cartridge choices include HEPA filtration and ULPA filtration depending on the containment job at hand.

Safe Storage and Transport

Our Omega vacuums and High Capacity vacuums come with specially manufactured hoses and filter plugs that secure hazardous debris to minimize exposure during storage and transport. These product lines are manufactured in the U.S. for quality assurance.

Product Feature:
Omega HEPA CERTIFIED System Vacuum

This CERTIFIED system features a HEPA filter that has been individually tested and HEPA CERTIFIED to EN 1822.

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