Atrix Has Your Solution for Janitorial Vacuums

Atrix offers various models and sizes to handle most any need in a janitorial or transportation cleaning environment. From HEPA filtration, to lightweight backpack models to small and lightweight canister vacuum models, to cordless battery-powered models, Atrix has you covered.

Product Specifications

  • ESD Safe
  • Immediate Containment
  • Cleanroom
  • Ultrafine Filtration
  • HEPA Filtration
  • ULPA Filtration
  • 400Hz Power
  • Pest Control
ESD Safe
ESD safe (electrostatic discharge) provides static path to ground and is used in static sensitive environments.
Immediate Containment
All particulate is contained within pleated media made from Pentair and sealed with plastic housing and filter plug. Ideal for easy changeouts and eliminates risk of exposure to hazardous materials.
Ideal for cleanroom applications, including Class 100 Cleanroom (ISO 5) or Class 100,000 (ISO 8), designed to meet cleanroom standard.
Ultrafine Filtration
Ultrafine Filtration is 88% Efficient at .3 microns or larger. It can handle even the finest color toner, magenta.
HEPA Filtration
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is 99.97% Efficient at .3 microns or larger.
ULPA Filtration
ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) is 99.999% Efficient at .12 microns or larger.
400Hz Power
Avionics/Airplane Servicing where 400 Hertz is required
Pest Control
Atrix manufactures vacuum cleaners for pest control applications.

Janitorial and sanitation applications for Atrix vacuums include:

  • Janitorial vacuum/sanitation cleaning
  • Hotel vacuums, casino vacuums, restaurant vacuums, etc.
  • To clean hallways, stairs, classrooms, and cafeterias in schools and universities
    Atrix also carries battery powered vacuums for limited-power access and safety applications including:
  • Used in places where corded vacuums are not a viable option
  • To clean entry ways and stairwells for cruise ships, hotels, and other commercial buildings
  • To clean attics, crawl spaces and other areas where 110/220 volt power is not available
  • Safety for work involving scaffoldings and ladders

Best for Janitorial Services

The Atrix ErgoPro backpack vacuum offers industry standard 1.5” accessories. Both the Ergo and ErgoPro are low-profile, ergonomically designed and lightweight – ideal for long-duration cleaning and tight spaces.

Specialty Power Supply for Aircraft Vacuums and Other Transportation

Aircraft cabins utilize a 400 Hz power supply to generate, regulate and distribute electrical power. For this reason, airline maintenance personnel must use specialty 115V 400 (Hertz) Hz vacuums. The Atrix Ergo VACBP400 & ERGO PRO VACBPAI400 Aviation Backpack vacuums are the most cost effective solution for this application.

Multiple Levels of Filtration

All Atrix janitorial vacuums and sanitation vacuums include HEPA filters and various levels of filtration. The Atrix Ergo and Ergo Pro Backpack series provides four levels of filtration which includes a HEPA bag, cloth shakeout bag, HEPA pre-motor filter and post-motor exhaust filter.

The Atrix Lil’ Red, Turbo Red, and Revo Red Canister series all offer three levels of filtration. The Lil’ Red and Turbo Red offer filtration in the form of a HEPA bag, a pre-motor filter and a post-motor exhaust filter. The Revo Red offers a bagless HEPA dust bin, pre-motor filter and a post-motor exhaust filter.

Product Feature:
ErgoPro Backpack Vacuum

It’s the ideal choice for Industrial/Commercial Cleaners for its value, light weight, comfort, low profile and power.

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