Atrix has Your Solution for Medical Vacuums and Cleanroom Vacuums

Atrix medical equipment vacuums are specially manufactured to create a safe path for static electricity to drain to ground. If you service and clean any type of electronic control equipment, using an ESD safe vacuum is a must to prevent electronic and medical equipment interruptions, failures and downtime.

Product Specifications

  • ESD Safe
  • Immediate Containment
  • Cleanroom
  • Ultrafine Filtration
  • HEPA Filtration
  • ULPA Filtration
  • 400Hz Power
  • Pest Control
ESD Safe
ESD safe (electrostatic discharge) provides static path to ground and is used in static sensitive environments.
Immediate Containment
All particulate is contained within pleated media made from Pentair and sealed with plastic housing and filter plug. Ideal for easy changeouts and eliminates risk of exposure to hazardous materials.
Ideal for cleanroom applications, including Class 100 Cleanroom (ISO 5) or Class 100,000 (ISO 8), designed to meet cleanroom standard.
Ultrafine Filtration
Ultrafine Filtration is 88% Efficient at .3 microns or larger. It can handle even the finest color toner, magenta.
HEPA Filtration
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) is 99.97% Efficient at .3 microns or larger.
ULPA Filtration
ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) is 99.999% Efficient at .12 microns or larger.
400Hz Power
Avionics/Airplane Servicing where 400 Hertz is required
Pest Control
Atrix manufactures vacuum cleaners for pest control applications.

Atrix also offers three filtration levels to meet every need. Atrix standard ultrafine filters are 88% efficient at .3 microns, Atrix HEPA filters are 99.97% efficient at .3 microns and Atrix ULPA filters are 99.999% efficient at .12 microns. In comparison, a human hair is about 75 microns. These filters carry this efficiency in-situ (in situation), meaning they are calibrated and meet these efficiencies in harmony with the vacuum motor power.

Applications for Atrix medical vacuums, hospital vacuums, and laboratory vacuums include:

  • Remove silver dust and other debris from CAT scan, X-Ray machines, and other medical devices
  • Used in Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and Safety/Environmental/Biomed/Facility Management departments for infection and viral dust control
  • Bone dust collection for autopsies
  • For MRI service and cleaning
  • Lab station clean up
  • Compound clean up
  • To clean optifill pill dispensing machines
  • Chemical clean up in laboratories
  • To clean laboratory stations and equipment
Omega Plus Vacuum for Cleanroom

Best for Cleanroom

We carry vacuums that are ideal for cleanroom applications, including Class 100 Cleanroom (ISO 5) and Class 100,000 (ISO 8), because they are designed to meet cleanroom standard. Both offer pre-motor HEPA and ULPA filtration options as well as post-motor HEPA filtered exhaust air to reduce carbon particle dispersion from the motor brushes.

Best for Medical Facility Cleaning

Atrix offers the Biocide Anti-Microbial Class 100 Cleanroom HEPA Vacuum with Microban®-infused plastic that prevents proliferation of viruses and bacteria. This line also offers four levels of HEPA filtration including HEPA pre- and post-motor HEPA filters.

Best for Medical Equipment

Atrix carries electronic vacuums that have built-in EMI/RFI (electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference) protection, which can be very important in situations where vacuums must be used near equipment that is susceptible to EMI/RFI. In many industries, including the medical industry, this feature is a must-have to protect and prevent malfunctions and downtime with electronic equipment.

Product Feature:
Antimicrobial Cleanroom Vacuum

The Biocide Antimicrobial Class 100 Cleanroom HEPA vacuum is a great option for cleanrooms, hospitals, nursing facilities, and in-home care.

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