Below is a list of manuals for the major vacuums that we create at Atrix International. More will be added soon so please check back. If you need a manual for your vacuum or other Atrix product and don’t see it listed, please contact your Atrix representative.


Ergo and Ergo Pro Series Manuals:

Ergo VACBP1 Manual

Ergo VACHV1 Manual

Ergo PMP Backpack Manual

Ergo Pro VACBPAI Manual

Ergo Pro Cordless VACBPAIC Manual

Ergo Cordless VACBP36V Manual

Ergo Aviation VACBP400 Manual

Ergo Pro Aviation VACBPAI400 Manual

Express Series Manuals:

Express Series Manual

High Capacity Series Manuals:

High Capacity Series Manual

Barrel Vacuum Manual 


Omega Series Manuals:

Omega Series Manual

Omega Cordless Manual (VACO22VDC,VACO22VESD & PMP22VDC)

Omega Class H14 CERTIFIED to IEC/EN 60335-2-69 Annex AA-Class H Manual

Red Series Manuals:

Turbo Red AHC-1 Manual

Revo Red AHC-RR Manual

Lil Red AHSC-1 Manual

Critical Area Manuals:

Biocide ATIBCV Manual

Omega Cleanroom Series Manual

Omega Forensic VACOS F Manual

Omega MRI Manual