Below is a list of manuals for the major vacuums that we create at Atrix International. More will be added soon so please check back. If you need a manual for your vacuum or other Atrix product and don’t see it listed, please contact your Atrix representative.


Ergo and Ergo Pro Series Manuals:

Ergo VACBP1 Manual

Ergo VACHV1 Manual

Ergo PMP Backpack Manual

Ergo Pro VACBPAI Manual

Ergo Cordless VACBP36V Manual

Ergo Aviation VACBP400 Manual

Ergo Pro Aviation VACBPAI400 Manual

Express Series Manuals:

Express Series Manual

High Capacity Series Manuals:

High Capacity Series Manual

Omega Series Manuals:

Omega Series Manual

Omega Cordless Manual (VACO22VDC,VACO22VESD & PMP22VDC)

Omega Class H14 CERTIFIED to IEC/EN 60335-2-69 Annex AA-Class H Manual

Red Series Manuals:

Turbo Red AHC-1 Manual

Revo Red AHC-RR Manual

Lil Red AHSC-1 Manual

Specialty Series Manual

Biocide ATIBCV Manual

Omega Cleanroom Series Manual

Omega Forensic VACOS F Manual

Omega MRI Manual