Omega Series

The Atrix Omega series service vacuums run twice as long as the competition, featuring a quieter and more powerful Ametek® Advantek II, 1,000-hour rated motor. The Omega Series offers patented Ultrafine, HEPA and ULPA filtration options with immediate containment cartridges that provide our customers with safe, quick, and easy filter changeouts.

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Ergo Series

The Atrix Ergo, Ergo Pro, and Ergo cordless series backpack vacuums are more economical than the competition. Our Ergo  series backpack vacuums are lightweight, low profile and allow the homeowner and professional cleaner to use comfortably for long durations. Get a sleek design with a better value for HEPA filtration backpack vacuums.

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Atrix Red Series Vacuums

Red Series

The Atrix Red series canister vacuums by Atrix include the Lil’ Red, Turbo Red and Revo Red – all with HEPA filtration, variable speed motor, and retractable power cords. These vacuums are the best choice for home and office clean-ups due to their light weight, small size and good value.

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The Atrix Advantage

Atrix is the leading U.S. manufacturer of portable, industrial vacuums with ultrafine filtration. In business since 1981, Atrix is employee owned and now goes to market in over 40 countries worldwide through a network of industrial and commercial distributors. We manufacture the finest filtration, with patented HEPA and ULPA filters, as well as vacuums, accessories, and ESD-safe products used in specialty applications in a variety of markets including: industrial, electronics, hazardous particulate, pest control, specialty medical and janitorial. Atrix International’s ultrafine filtration vacuums allow immediate containment and help to avoid any cross contamination.

At Atrix we take pride in the fact that our tenure of employees averages over 15 years. We are a family owned, ESOP company that provides reliable, quality solutions that help you control your environment. We always answer our own phones with exceptional service to help solve your problems. It’s that dedication to service that has kept us working with clients like Xerox, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Unisys, Burroughs, Canon and Ricoh for over 30 years.

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