Introducing the Atrix Omega SafeTech HEPA Backpack Vacuum: Revolutionizing Hazardous Cleaning

Atrix is proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation, the Omega SafeTech HEPA Backpack Vacuum (SKU: VACOSTBV). This cutting-edge vacuum is purposefully designed to tackle dry hazardous particulate cleaning with unparalleled efficiency and safety.

safetech 2

Quiet Operation, Versatile Integration:
Operating at a mere 69 decibels, the Omega SafeTech seamlessly integrates into various applications without causing disruptions. Its quiet operation ensures a conducive work environment in any setting.

Advanced Filtration Technology:
At the heart of the Omega SafeTech Vacuum lies the SafeGuard 360 True HEPA Filtration Cartridge, engineered to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns with an impressive 99.97% efficiency. This advanced filtration technology ensures the thorough removal of dry hazardous particles, safeguarding both the environment and the operator.

Safeguard 360 Filter Blowout


Simplified Maintenance:
Designed with user convenience in mind, the Omega SafeTech streamlines filter replacements with a quick cartridge changeout process. No leaky bags, or secondary filters to change, just one swift maneuver, users can ensure continuous operation while maintaining safety and security standards.

Comprehensive Accessories:
Every Omega SafeTech comes complete with a comprehensive set of accessories, providing users with the tools they need for effective cleaning in demanding environments.


 Reliability and Performance Guaranteed:
Backed by Atrix’ s commitment to excellence, the Omega SafeTech is engineered for reliability and performance in even the most challenging conditions. Trust Atrix to revolutionize hazardous cleaning with our latest innovation.

Discover the future of hazardous cleaning with the Atrix Omega SafeTech HEPA Backpack Vacuum. Experience unparalleled efficiency, safety, and convenience.

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