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Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation and Shared Success

Atrix Timeline Our Story Page

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, especially in these difficult and unprecedented times, is an honor—and one we don’t take for granted. We thank you for being with us every step of the way and making this milestone possible. We’re excited to share that journey with you. From humble beginnings Cliff Meacham was an innovator, entrepreneur, […]

Backpack Vacuums Save Time, Improve Productivity

When entering a building, floors are one the first things people notice. Clean floors indicate a building that is well-cared for and properly managed, while dirty floors can reflect poorly on building management. Due to the importance of clean floors, according to a study by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, vacuuming represents 15 to […]

Reduce Foreign Object Debris by Vacuuming Equipment Regularly

Foreign object debris (FOD) in products is a quality and safety risk. Boeing has estimated that FOD costs the aviation industry more than $4 billion annually. Preventing or eliminating FOD in products is a top priority for food processors and manufacturers in general, and particularly those in the pharmaceutical industry. FOD can occur due to […]


While killing viruses requires thorough disinfection using approved chemicals, vacuuming is an important step in any cleaning process. Using a vacuum with superior filtration, such as the Atrix Omega with SafeGuard 360 HEPA or ULPA filtration, is an essential tool for any cleaning process. Vacuuming is an environmentally green and cost-effective way to remove dust, […]

Atrix is Attending PestWorld Virtual Convention October 13-15, 2020!

Sue Rainbow, Business Development Manager and Bre Miller, Assistant Marketing Manager of Atrix will be attending the PestWorld Virtual Convention, 2020.  Thousands of Pest Management Professionals from around the Globe attend this yearly conference, read more about the conference here: Contact them today to schedule a time to meet and discuss our NEW and […]

Atrix will remain Open – We are an Essential Business (COVID-19 Update)

Dear Valued Customers and Vendors,   As a response to the spread of COVID-19, the State of Minnesota has officially announced a “stay-at-home” order starting Friday, March 27 – April 10, 2020.    Atrix is an essential business in critical manufacturing and will remain open during this time.    Atrix is classified 333319 under The North American Industry Classification System or NAICS, and thus is included in Minnesota‘s Critical Business List, Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing.  The safety […]