Improving Indoor Air Quality

While it’s never a good idea to lose sight of the big picture, in order to improve indoor air quality, it’s actually important to think small, really small, as in HEPA (H13) High Efficiency Particulate Air filters or ULPA (H14) Ultra Low Penetrating Air filters.

HEPA and ULPA are efficiency standards for vacuum filters. True HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and true ULPA filters capture 99.999% at 0.12 microns. For comparison, a human hair is around 50 microns. Many filters claim to be HEPA or ULPA, but don’t be fooled as these filters haven’t been tested or verified to meet the standards.

Because true HEPA and true ULPA filters trap fine particles including dust mites and pollen that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, vacuums equipped with these filters help improve indoor air quality. Vacuums that lack a true HEPA or a true ULPA filter can allow fine dust and bacteria to pass through the vacuum and recirculate into the air. This potentially harmful dust and bacteria can eventually resettle on workspaces, machinery, electronics, floors, furniture, and other items where they can trigger allergy symptoms and spread infections.

To be truly effective, vacuums that utilize true HEPA or true ULPA filters ensure that the air drawn into the machine passes through the filter before being expelled. This is known as “Sealed HEPA.” These filters have been tested to meet very specific performance standards and have been verified by a third-party test facility.

Setting the Standard

The Atrix SafeGuard 360 HEPA and ULPA filter cartridges, US Patent No. 7,048,773, set the standard for improving indoor air quality, by safely reducing unhealthy dust and bacteria and the associated problems they can cause. All SafeGuard 360 HEPA and ULPA filters are compatible with the Atrix Omega Series vacuums. Additionally, all SafeGuard 360 filter cartridges and Omega Series vacuums are manufactured in the USA.

The SafeGuard 360 filter cartridges enable safe, simple, and secure filter changeouts. The SafeGuard 360 filter protects indoor air quality and the user because the hose connects directly to the cartridge, providing a completely closed system.

Unlike other vacuums of this caliber, there are no secondary or tertiary filters to change, keeping the user safe and eliminating cross contamination. The filter cartridges contain three layers of pleated filter media that is designed to hold large amounts of debris which reduces costs on supplies and labor. The filters can be used until completely full, by using the supplied filter plug to eliminate exposure from leaking and spilling of vacuumed contents between uses. The filter cartridges can be safely removed using the easy pull-tabs located on the ends of the cartridge. When finished cleaning, you can be confident the debris was captured and secured within the filter cartridge, keeping you and indoor air safe, and the vacuum clean.

All Atrix SafeGuard 360 filter cartridges and Omega Series vacuums are manufactured in the USA. Contact [email protected] for additional information on our products.