Vacuum to Successfully Remove Bedbugs


We all know what bed bugs are… you know…the reddish-brown, bloodsucking insects that bite the skin of sleeping humans and animals to obtain a blood meal. While there are many ways to mitigate these pesty bedbugs, vacuuming before and after treatment is a method that should be considered, and recommended by experts, to provide effective treatment, superior service, and reduced callbacks.

Vacuum First
Vacuuming is an effective removal method and helps reduce the number of live insects as well as removing dirt and other debris.

Using a high quality, commercial grade vacuum that is specifically designed for bedbugs and other crawling insects works well in removing bedbugs and eggs on carpet, mattresses, headboards, box springs, and other furniture. Reducing bedbug numbers improves the chances of successful treatment.

Using a vacuum can not only reduce bedbug numbers, it also can prevent infestations in new areas.

Vacuum Again
After treating the affected area, vacuuming again will help remove traces of the treatment that was used. Using a dedicated vacuum that is designed with HEPA filtration, hose, and filter plugs, ensures there are no bugs, dirt, or debris escaping or falling out when transporting or storing.

Vacuuming during the cleaning process will remove many live or dead bedbugs, bedbug feces, and eggs. Doing this may also reduce time consuming and unprofitable callbacks.

Atrix carries a full line of vacuums designed for Pest Management Professionals. If you are looking to add a vacuum to your treatment process, please reach out to [email protected] and our team will provide you with additional product information.