Vacuums 101: A Tutorial of Need to Know Facts

After graduating from college this past May I set out to conquer the world, or so I thought. My aspirations included landing a great job and immediately moving into a luxurious apartment. I quickly found out that “the real world” isn’t quite as glamorous as I imagined.

It was after I was moved into my mediocre, but affordable, apartment that I finally made the realization: I did not own a vacuum. Like all technology, manufacturers have been making modifications to vacuums, allowing them become more efficient and easy to use. Some vacuum cleaners still use the traditional filter bag, while other manufacturers have decided to use cartridge filters, and several even produce a vacuum that does not need either.

Atrix Close Up On Bag Light And Fan Control AHSC-1
Atrix Close Up On LED Full Bag Light And Fan Control AHSC-1

Vacuums that use filter bags require the owner to manually remove the bag from the machine and check to see how much more waste it can hold. This is important because once a filter bag is almost full the vacuum loses suction power, making it ineffective.  The Atrix Lil Red HEPA Vacuum provides an LED indicator on when this is about to happen; smart and very convenient.

One of the disadvantages of some bag-less vacuums is users may find it hard to clean the filters in the cyclonic chambers.