Time to Get Rid of Those PESTY Houseguests

Fact: bed bugs are real, they do exist.

The cute bedtime saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite” holds much validity in present times. Since the mid 90’s bed bugs have again become prevalent in households around the world.

The cause of the reappearance of these blood hungry insects is still unknown, although their health effects on people can be quite serious. Bed bugs can cause many health issues.

Families who have bed bug infestations in their furniture usually develop rashes. The severity of the rash can vary depending on the person and the case, but eventually the skin can start blistering and peeling.

Bed bugs can also have psychological effects and can cause allergic symptoms. Atrix International has developed a specific line of Integrated Pest Management vacuums to help control the growing bed bug and pest epidemic.

The four integrated pest vacuums that Atrix manufactures include the:

  • Omega Green Supreme IPM HEPA vacuum
  • Express IPM HEPA vacuum
  • High Capacity HEPA IPM vacuum
  • Bug Sucker HEPA Backpack vacuum

Big name pest control companies, such as Orkin, are strong supporters of Atrix’s IPM vacuum line. Atrix pest vacuums can remove and contain insects such as cockroaches and bed bugs along with their eggs and feces. All vacuums are equipped with a HEPA filter, assuring that even the smallest particles and insects can be captured safely.

HEPA filters are extremely important to IPM vacuums because insects such as bed bugs and their eggs are so small only certain filtration systems can properly contain the pests. Whether you are looking for a small portable vacuum such as the Express or something that can hold much more, like the High Capacity HEPA vacuum, Atrix can provide you with the right vacuum for all your pest control needs.