The Importance of RRP Vacuums

33 years ago things were drastically different; a gallon of gas cost a mere $00.63, the must see television show was “Happy Days”, and Jimmy Carter was Commander in Chief of the United States of America. It is safe to say the world has changed since 1978 and with this important improvements and regulations have been made. The fact of the matter is that lead paint was used on every single house built prior to 1978.

Some of you may be thinking, yea what’s the big deal, but give me a second to explain. While paint that contains lead has benefits such as drying faster and increasing durability, it can also be very dangerous and toxic. Lead is an extremely hazardous substance that is especially harmful to children.

Symptoms of lead poisoning include headaches, stomach pains, and confusion. Exposures to large amounts of lead can cause amnesia, seizures, comas, and in the most extreme cases, death. Lead also has the capability of damaging every organ in the human body.

Due to the dangerous effects of lead the Environmental Protection Agency created a set of rules aimed to prevent individuals from receiving lead poisoning. These new set of regulations require renovators to go through EPA approved training and also follow a strict procedure when dealing with this hazardous paint.

When renovators are dealing with lead paint they are required to contain their work area, minimize dust, and clean up thoroughly.

Atrix International’s premier line of RRP vacuums follow the guidelines set up by the EPA, and also protect individuals who have to come in contact with lead paint. Atrix has four different RRP vacuum models:

Each vacuum comes standard with a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter allows renovators to vacuum and retain the finest particulate matter, which is imperative when having to contain and remove lead paint dust. Each RRP vacuum has hose and filter plugs which traps and safely stores the toxic matter immediately after being removed. Atrix’s exceptional lines of RRP vacuums are not only safe for removal and containment of lead paint and dust, but also mold, and various other hazardous particulates.