NEW Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum

Burnsville, MN, February 5, 2019—Atrix International, Inc., a premier vacuum manufacturing company, introduces the NEW Omega Cordless Immediate Containment Vacuum.

The Omega Cordless Immediate Containment ULPA (Ultra Low Penetrating Air) Vacuum VACO22VDC, is an excellent immediate containment option for all your applications, where electricity is a problem or is non-existent (such as crawl spaces), or where a corded version is cumbersome, a hassle, or safety hazard. The VACO22VDC comes standard with our Patented OF712UL ULPA filter cartridge, but one can use any of our Patented Omega Series HEPA filters or our Patented Omega Series high efficiency filters which are all compatible for use. This cordless vacuum has a brushless digital motor and a 30+ minute run time and 1-hour rechargeable battery.

It is a powerful vacuum with its 190-watt cleaning power but quiet at only 67 decibels. The Patented ULPA filter captures everything from the everyday dust and dirt to hazardous particulate to lead dust/chips-RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting), silica dust, fiberglass, mold, etc.  The one gallon ULPA filter, manufactured with Pentair® brand media is 99.999% efficient at .12 micron and includes three layers of 56 pleat media. The three layers consist of one cellulose layer and two glass layers.

The cordless tool box structure and self-contained accessories makes this vacuum convenient for mobile technicians and includes all of the following: 22 Volt DC Brushless Digital Motor, 30+ minute run time and 1 hour rechargeable 22 Volt Battery, Immediate Containment ULPA Filter Cartridge, Charger 1 hour w/3 Cords: USA, Euro, UK, 10’ Stretch Hose, Crevice Tool, Crevice Tool Brush, 16” Flexible Gooseneck Tool, Utility Nozzle, Utility Nozzle Brush, Permanently Attached Heavy Duty Filter Plug, Hose End Plugs, Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Built-In Full Filter Indicator Light.

The VACO22VDC Cordless Immediate Containment ULPA Vacuum will retail at $599.00 and can be viewed at:

Atrix International is a full-line manufacturer of fine particulate vacuum products, including HEPA and ULPA vacuum filters for the field service, electronics, remediation, abatement and pest management industries. Atrix vacuums and filters are available at and via a network of authorized distributors.

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