Atrix Vacuums Can Be Used for What?

Since 1981 Atrix has been manufacturing a wide variety of vacuums targeting several different niche markets. Recently, a prominent East Coast University reached out to us to give us some encouraging feedback on how they use Atrix vacuums.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our Omega vacuum has been the ideal product for a unique application. The University scientific laboratories are currently using the Atrix Omega to vacuum up the fine powder that can be found on Mouth wings, also known as moth scales.

The Omega is equipped with a HEPA filtration system, which allows it to efficiently remove and capture fine particles, such as mouth scales. Another customer also contacted Atrix providing us with more insight on ways our products cater to unique applications. This specific customer is a medium sized manufacturing company that produces the microscopic lenses that are implanted in eyes during cataract surgery.

Currently the company uses one of Atrix’s clean room vacuum models in their manufacturing plant.

Specifically, the clean room vacuum is used to remove fine particulate from trays used within their manufacturing process. The trays are used to transport a mold of their product through several work stations. Visit Vacuums to learn more about the variety of products we offer and other the niche markets they are sold in.