High Capacity Filters and Accessories by Atrix

The Atrix High Capacity line of vacuums is ideal for larger jobs such as pest infestations, bat guano, abatement, mold, lead and hazardous particulate. Atrix offers a wide assortment of filters and accessories to fit all of your needs for your High Capacity vacuum, including an array of different filter sizes and wands, nozzles, brushes, hoses and cords.

High Capacity Filters and Accessories by Atrix

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Accessory | 31657STUD

16″ Rubber Flexneck Tool Nozzle

  • ESD Safe

Accessory | 31651

Power Cord 10 Foot, 110V


Accessory | 66097A

UK Power Cord


Accessory | 66021A

European Power Cord


Accessory | 420-000-013

High Capacity Foot Switch


Accessory | 421-000-105

High Capacity Series Roller Base


Accessory | WWRKPT560

Floor Turbo Brush


Accessory | CEN35020

Sidewinder 15″


Accessory | CEN35053

Sidewinder 8″ Bristle Brush